So, education is crazy important.


This is my soapbox moment so I hope that if you get one thing from me it is that education is SO. IMPORTANT. If you want to make a living doing this damn thing - documenting peoples lives and wedding days, you NEED to learn all there is you can possibly learn (spoiler, the learning will never stop). I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars in my education to be sure I am the most educated, confident, and well rounded photographer and business owner. I have spent HUNDREDS OF HOURS of my life learning about graphic design, marketing, website development. Not to mention 3.5 years of being a business owner, and all the trial and error moments I have had along the way. If you genuinely want to skip some of the hard stuff, investing in a mentorship is truly the way to go. I went from an aimless 21 year old with a dream to a self-reliant 25 year old whose passion is TEACHING. I want you to do well, I want you to make a living, and most of all - I want you to love people while doing it.

In-person mentorships start at $500

Online mentorships start at $400

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